Spinning Wheels

  • The 1764 Shepherdess Presents Episode 16

      This episode is about my trip up to The Dirt Rich School/Compass Rose Farm, located in Port Townsend, Washington. You can see the episode over here on YouTube. Spin on…

  • #spin15aday21 post no. 9

    This week is all about spinning wheel tension! I found a PDF of the “Great Wheel Round Up” from the Fall 2008 issue of Spin-Off.  The prices are outdated, though there is still great information on the wheels and their tension types.   (Note: BO = Bobbin Lead = Irish Tension) As the Wheel Turns (pdf,…

  • Episode 13 – Spring Cleaning all the Wheels

    A little boost for you as well as myself to spring clean all of the wheels.  Spindles too! Just under 4 minutes. Take a listen.

  • Hands: Irish Spinning Wheel Making

    If you have 28 minutes, a cup of tea and your spinning wheel or spindle handy, have a sit down and enjoy this documentary from YouTube.

  • Can a maker be a minimalist?

    Today I threw a poll out on my IG story to see what other maker’s thought of the above-listed question. As you can see of the percentage of yes/no answers, most folks say we can be maker’s and a minimalist too. You might be asking where this question stems from? I tend to turn on…


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