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Once again, more wool talk! This week's breed of choice:  American Tunis You can find info and pictures for American Tunis sheep over on these websites: The Livestock Conservancy National Tunis Sheep Registry Via books: The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook, Robson, Deborah & Ekarius, Carol, page 226-228 Handspun Treasures from Rare Wools - Edited by… Continue reading #spin15aday2021 post no. 14

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With spring finally here, I thought it was a good time to have a mini spin event to celebrate the beautiful spring flowers that are happening for so many of us. I dyed up two different colorways of 2 oz. Polwarth/Silk rovings: Tulips:  Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, touches of Orange & White Tulips Skyview:  Blue,… Continue reading #springflingminispin2021 , a #spin15adayevent on IG

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I know, it's only March 26th. You are probably squinting your eyes as you look upon this holiday photo and saying to yourself, "Huh, it's not even Easter, let alone September yet." Well, I'm here to say, it's not too early to start knitting with your handspun yarns for the holidays. Maybe you want to… Continue reading #spin15aday2021 post no. 13