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The 1764 Shepherdess Episode 1 on YouTube

In episode 1, we take a look at two different wool pickers I own as well as the plans that are available in the book, “The Handspinner’s Guide to Selling” by Paula Simmons, c. 1979. Until next time, spin on…

Mission Statements: Boy, do they take some thought!

Here it is, a beautiful Friday in spring and almost lunchtime. I’ve been up since 4:27am. I’ve gotten loads done yet I have a mental list of so much more to do.  Time to start writing it down so I can feel like I… Continue Reading “Mission Statements: Boy, do they take some thought!”

#spin15aday2021 post no. 14

Once again, more wool talk! This week’s breed of choice:  American Tunis You can find info and pictures for American Tunis sheep over on these websites: The Livestock Conservancy National Tunis Sheep Registry Via books: The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook, Robson, Deborah & Ekarius,… Continue Reading “#spin15aday2021 post no. 14”


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