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The 1764 Community on Patreon

🐑 Join the 1764 Community on Patreon 🐑 What is the 1764 spinning community about?An exclusive community for makers who enjoy spinning and making with wool and fibers, as a way to explore the textile arts and living creatively, guided by Sherrill, @the1764shepherdess. Why… Continue Reading “The 1764 Community on Patreon”

Sunday Coffee Socials – Scheduled: October through March

Mark your calendars! I have scheduled the last Sunday of each month, October 2021 through March 2022 for a Sunday Coffee Social. If you have registered for the Maker’s Meetup for Friday’s, it will be the same meeting ID and passcode for the scheduled… Continue Reading “Sunday Coffee Socials – Scheduled: October through March”

So, I did a thing….

I know I spout about not having pre-orders, nor true subscriptions on my Instagram and website, but I believe Patreon is an exception to this belief of mine. There is much to offer within my Patreon page, from supporting the #spin15aday gift-aways, The 1764… Continue Reading “So, I did a thing….”


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