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#spin15aday Podcast Episode 9 – A chat with @bw.lange

Hello? Can you hear me? Just over 18 minutes. Grab your spinning, a yummy drink and enjoy!

#spin15aday Podcast Episode 8 – Project Spinning

Just over 12 minutes about project spinning/knitting and mini spinning as well as a 21+ year old quilt that really needs to be finished. Grab a cuppa, some spinning and take a listen. Enjoy…

#spin15aday Podcast Episode 7 ~ Mini Mill of One

I didn’t buy a mini mill, though I would love to leave the 9-5 to chain myself to one, this episode is about the mini mill of one, me!  My love of processing wool from raw to finished batt, by hand, by one, by… Continue Reading “#spin15aday Podcast Episode 7 ~ Mini Mill of One”


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