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Episode #24 – There’s Gnome Place Like Home

An episode of me rambling on about using up what we have in the stash for holiday making as I was re-carving on one of the print blocks I had made. Less than 8 minutes. Grab a beverage and spinning or take a walk… Continue Reading “Episode #24 – There’s Gnome Place Like Home”

#spin15aday podcast – Episode 23 #spin15turkeytrot20

A quick chat, under 5 minutes, about the #spin15turkeytrot20 event for November 2020. Gobble-Gobble!

#spin15aday podcast – Episode 22 Those Five Little Words

Halloween 2020 spent warping Everson, those five little words, #spookyspin15in20 wraps up and upcoming #spin15turkeytrot20.  Less than 14 minutes, grab a beverage, some spinning and take a listen. Enjoy!


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