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#spin15aday Podcast Episode 7 ~ Mini Mill of One

I didn’t buy a mini mill, though I would love to leave the 9-5 to chain myself to one, this episode is about the mini mill of one, me!  My love of processing wool from raw to finished batt, by hand, by one, by…

#spin15adaywoolewebeemine Event Packs

Packs go live tomorrow for the #spin15adaywoolewebeemine Instagram event, February 14-16, 2020.  I hope you will join in.  

Episode 5 – Golder the CPW & the moment thousand’s of woodworkers shuttered!

A little chit chat about Golder the CPW that came home from St. Distaff’s day with me and how I created two more bobbins (that’s when thousand’s of woodworkers shuttered and probably wanted to take the drill out of my hands). Grab a beverage,…


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