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Really, how can I be lacking in verbiage?

I think about my website constantly.  I envision all the things wool-related I want to share…then I let things like work, homework, house cleaning, and Instagram get in the way. Silly me. I do have projects I am working on to post in the… Continue Reading “Really, how can I be lacking in verbiage?”

History Makers: The Story of the Coast Salish Knitters

This past spring, I took a class at Tolt Yarn and Wool with Sylvia Olsen on making a Salish knitted cap. The class was inspiring and just when you thought all knitting was the same, think again.  Knitting in the technique of the Salish… Continue Reading “History Makers: The Story of the Coast Salish Knitters”

Project Complete: Curved Should Shawl

This project didn’t take long at all.  It was one day of knitting, on and off as I muddled around the house doing this and that. The pattern starts with the lace edging and then a pick up of stitches along the straight edge.… Continue Reading “Project Complete: Curved Should Shawl”


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