History Makers

  • History Makers: Flachsverarbeitung: Reinigen des Garnes (Flax Processing: Cleaning the Yarn)

    A little early (5am) spinning had me out searching for new documentaries on spinning. I found this one circa 1964. Grab some of your own spinning and a cup of something delicious to drink and watch this silent film that sparked some ideas I might use in future wool processing. Enjoy!

  • One Women Wool Mill: Valley Oak Wool Mill

    Thanks to Myha @itsmyhamburger for putting a clip of the video in the Instagram stories so I could share it with you.

  • #campspin15 videos

    I’ve been busy with the very first #campspin15, held August 4 – 8, 2018.   This was a virtual camp for spinners on Instagram.  I think it may have been a success. Here are a majority of the videos I created for and from posts of #campspin15. A bit silly, but so much fun!!!!

  • The History Makers: The Pacific Northwest Fiber Web

    Today was relatively quiet for me after my full-speed, full-on day at Black Sheep Gathering and the 438 mile round-trip drive from yesterday.   It was a good day for reflection not only on my experience but also the various discussions I had with so many different fiber folk.  I am a believer in supporting local…

  • History Makers: The Vintage Shetland Project

    Over the next few months, my fascination with Shetland, fair isle knitting and history will be evident as I get closer to my trip in August. Here is a Vimeo video of Susan Crawford’s The Vintage Shetland Project.  I have the book on my list and hope to obtain a copy while I’m in Shetland. The…


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