Category: #fiberark2021

The 1764 Shepherdess Presents Episode 17

In this episode, I get the chance to talk with another folk of fiber, Lynn @cronalicious on Instagram, about spinning, a family made sweater and her favorite fiber breeds so far. You can find this episode here on YouTube.  Spin on…

The 1764 Shepherdess Presents Episode 16

  This episode is about my trip up to The Dirt Rich School/Compass Rose Farm, located in Port Townsend, Washington. You can see the episode over here on YouTube. Spin on…

The 1764 Shepherdess // Episode 13

In this episode, I share the story of Everson, my Newcomb Studio Art Floor Loom, that I brought home during the pandemic. Hence, stories of a pandemic. Grab your spinning as you have about 22 minutes to get some fiber spun. You can catch… Continue Reading “The 1764 Shepherdess // Episode 13”


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