Category: Fair Isle

History Makers: The Vintage Shetland Project

Over the next few months, my fascination with Shetland, fair isle knitting and history will be evident as I get closer to my trip in August. Here is a Vimeo video of Susan Crawford’s The Vintage Shetland Project.  I have the book on my list… Continue Reading “History Makers: The Vintage Shetland Project”

History Makers: Softest Wool

Grab some tea and a bit of knitting or spinning and enjoy this short documentary from Bloomberg Pursuits, YouTube  featuring Shetland Wool and Fair Isle, Shetland.  

Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods color work hat is completed and available for a limited time, December 1, 5:30am, for free on Ravelry.  Use coupon code:  #spin15aday (include the hashtag). The son saw the finished hat and asked me to make him one too.  Highest… Continue Reading “Out of the Woods”


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