• #spin15aday2021 post no. 7

    Distaff’s, not just for walking sticks or zombie survival weapons.  The  Merriam-Webster  online  dictionary  has  a very  brief  description  of  distaff. As per my usual, I’ve scouted the internet to find different bits of information on the subject of the distaff for you. Here is an article, “Saint Distaff’s Day – marking the end of…

  • Dressing a Distaff

    Have you dressed a distaff? Maybe one that tucks under your arm, hangs on the wrist or a wheel distaff? Browsing YouTube videos today, I found a few videos to share with you on dressing different distaffs.  You never know when this information will come in handy.  You might be at the top of a…


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