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A little something for #campspin15in21

You can signup for early bird email notification of when the #campspin15in21 camp packs will go live.  The email will go out 24-48 hours prior to go live, so if you want to be notified just sign up here! Spindle on, ranch hand…

Upcoming #spin15aday events in the works…

#campspin15in21 Ranch Camp (4th annual) dates are set, packs are being prepped. Camp packs will be available by first of part of July. #spookyspin15in21 is coming together. October dates have not been finalized, but in the works. This will be the 4th annual #spookyspin15… Continue Reading “Upcoming #spin15aday events in the works…”

#campspin15 videos

I’ve been busy with the very first #campspin15, held August 4 – 8, 2018.   This was a virtual camp for spinners on Instagram.  I think it may have been a success. Here are a majority of the videos I created for and from posts… Continue Reading “#campspin15 videos”


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