About #spin15aday

The inspiration for #spin15aday started with a memory of a quilt magazine article from the 1980’s.

The article described the ABC’s of hand quilting and completing a big project in small portions.  By starting with the basic parts of quilting, then filling in the second layer and the third, working every day for 15-20 minutes, the project would be completed in a reasonable amount of time.  With this execution of time management, #spin15in15 began.


Spinning 15 minutes a day became a successful part of Instagram and the lives of spinners. There were gift-aways, discussions and a lot of spinning completed.  The year ended with the decision to continue the process into 2016, which became #spin15aday.

2016 and 2017 were not as active in #spin15aday.  It hadn’t fallen off the radar, though we could say it wasn’t a forerunner for many.  That didn’t mean that there weren’t spinners out there still spinning away on a daily basis as it had become a habit for them to get a bit of spinning in each day.


2018, the year to revive the excitement for spinning 15 minutes a day.  New and continuing spinners were ready for the #spin15aday2018challenge.

Spinning 15 minutes every day is a philosophy to keep you motivated, it’s not a mandatory time.  Life happens. Being mindful that your wheel or spindle are where you left them last is key. It’s also about community. It reaches out to fiber folk who may live in a rural area with no support of a guild or another spinner for hundreds of miles. It creates a dialog in a world where we no longer have to be face to face to have a discussion. It sparks imagination and jump-starts ideas. It brings a group together for a common goal, to spin.

So join us on Instagram and well as here on The 1764 Shepherdess website. More ideas are brewing to bring this far-reaching group together.


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