#campspin15in24 Info!

I have been pondering how to continue #campspin15 without bumping into Tour de Fleece or #spookyspin15.

The decision is to move it up to April, with a more self-directed Instagram posting that feels like #spookyspin15.

Fresh silk blend fibers have been ordered, as charms, event button pins, and more as I pull this together much sooner than normal.

#campspin15in24 is Rydell High, where you get to decide if you are in the Pink Ladies group or feel like a T-bird!  Colorways are still being decided, but I think you can guess where it will be going with color titles like these.

Stay tuned for more information as we move into the new year.  I’m sure the limited number of packs will be available around the first of March 2024.

Chat soon…

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