And so it begins…September!

Here we are, the 2nd day of September.

Have you set any project goals for this month?  Maybe a knitting or stitching wip to complete?  Possibly clearing off you spindles or bobbins for a new spindle project?

My goals are to complete two vests I have started this a year.  

It feels like autumn is just around the corner. Knitting a vest should make it so.

Many thanks to everyone who purchased a #spookyspin15in23 Season of the Witch pack. 

They have all sold out and now I can get to finishing up The #spookyspin15 Chronicle and new this year, a self-directed bingo IG posting card.  

A little spinning fun in October for a chance to have one name drawn for a commissioned event spindle made by Allen R Berry. 

Packs have been mailed and are flying out by broom as I type!

Watch for emails to the paid participants late September for more information. on the October event activities. 

From the tech desk…I manually uploaded the #spookyspin15in23 packs to go live as WordPress has proved that scheduling will result in many messages from spinners worried that they could not get a pack.   

Well, yesterday, WordPress was giving me another kick in the shin with some crazy messages to a good handful of folks stating that the product was no longer available, yet it showed inventory still existed.  

I did a few work arounds and got those that followed through with my jerry-rigged instructions the packs they wanted to purchase.

This later led into a late night website teardown. Like 1am late when the Mister told me to stop typing. (great room and he’s stuck in the recliner from surgery)

I am really blaming myself for using a blog theme to hold up my web store. It obviously could not.

I am still working on a few pieces that seem to be broken, like true categories when you enter the “shop” that seem to be off lolly-gagging around and not properly doing their job as I have set them up to do. Luckily, the big #spin15aday events are over for 2023.

I will be posting on The 1764 News and will plan a few #spin15aday gift-aways over on Instagram in 2024, so it’s not like I’m totally disappearing.  Just taking a few steps back.

Now, to let the website rest while I go kickup my feet and work on a vest.

Until next time…



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