What happened to the lazy days of summer?

Greetings from the 1764 studio! How are you doing with almost a month into the summer season here in the northern hemisphere?

I’ve been spouting “fall, autumn, Halloween” stories over on Instagram, as I am pretty much over summer, sans a few more batches of jam and pickles to make in August.

Those lazy days of summer have not arrived, yet.  I’ve been crazy busy busting through supplies I have on hand. 

As many of you follow me on Instagram and know that I have been serious about the #100daysofstashdive I put into place for myself.  It ends on September 18, in case you are also trying to use up your own collection of making goods and not purchase without need. 

Spools of threads have become empty, stacks of fabric are dwindling and what do I have to show for it?

Quilts, quilted tools, quilted makings, quilted everything.

This has been a fun few weeks and making a few holiday gifts ahead of schedule doesn’t hurt either.

Did you notice something different? 

The website has a new look and feel.  Clean and simplified.  

I will only be posting the most current upcoming event on the top of the home page from now on.  

With scaling back to only two #spin15adayevents (possibly three if I bring #spin15murdermysteries back), there was no need for so much information at once. 

You can find the shop, badges and other listings at the top of the homepage.

We will see how this update works out.

This year for the #spin15secretsanta2023, I will be overseeing a mitten ornament exchange. 

The gifter will send one mitten ornament (made by them) and a holiday card to the assigned giftee.  That’s it.  Just a little holiday cheer to send through the post.

The signup form will be available August 1 – August 31.   

This exchange/event will be open to USA domestic mailing only. It would be great to open it up world wide again, though the higher cost of postage and the chances of a small parcel being lost feels to great.  If you are located outside the USA, think about hosting an exchange for your country.  You can contact me through the website if you have any questions.

The options for making the mitten ornament to send to your assigned giftee will be either to knit or crochet.  There are plenty of folks that do both or only one of these making techniques and I would like to see as many folks join in this year as possible.

The deadline to signup is firm. August 31.  

I will then start working on sorting out assigned gifter/giftee for the exchange.  

Emails will go out mid-ish October with the information to send to your giftee.

All packages must be mailed by December 1, 2023.

I will post again to let you know when the form goes live so you can sign up.

Until the next newsletter, stay hydrated and #make15aday!


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