Christmas in July and #the1764makers podcast!

Things change and I’m learning to roll with it, as running a small business takes a lot of energy and hustle.  

I’ve made the decision to drop down to two #spin15adayevents starting in 2024.  #campspin15 & #spookyspin15 .  Maybe there will be another #spin15murdermystery , just not sure.  

Club Spin15 (the States edition and 2023 edition) will run through December 2023 with the current subscribers.

With that said, there will be a Christmas in July sale on fibers, sock yarns, and misc. sundry.  

Sale will open on Saturday, July 1 through July or until it is all gone. 

Maybe there will be something you want, maybe not.  Check it out if you remember.

Did you know there is a 15 minute or less podcast on making, #spin15aday events and all sorts of silliness?

Episode 43 is now up.  I talk a bit about the upcoming #spin15secretsanta mitten ornament exchange as well.

Click on the photo above to take a listen.


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