Summertime is here! Latest Updates from the 1764 Studio.

The last reminder that #campspin15in23 packs will go live on my website at 10am Pacific this coming Sunday, June 25.  

I have limited the amount of packs and the system will only allow for one per camper.  There will be a few Sea Life quarter fat fabrics available for those that want to really deck out their kettle dyed cotton camp tote bag. There is a name drawing involved to those that finish and email a photo of it. 

I have fallen back in love with cross stitch and hand stitching and primitives and rug hooking and soooo many things, I want to make them all.  

There are a few designs I have created and are complimentary to you if you are interested.  Just click on the the crow above.

As a wee business, I have also invested in a few inventory items for stitching, such as Piecemakers Needles and thread conditioner.  

The idea of dying stitching cloth, be it Aida or linen, has been intriguing me and I gave it a bit of a go.  I’ve added a few short cuts (just a hair smaller than a fat quarter) to my website as well.  

Last bit for this post, I have created a Facebook (gasp) group that is ONLY for cross stitch, hand sewing and hand quilting.  

Tis’ The Stitching Hour is a group for folks that would like to visit and hand stitch virtually on Zoom, with approximately an hour being the limited time per meetup.  

The dates and times are random, it may be in the morning, afternoon or an evening get together.  

If you are interested in joining, please follow the link in the photo above.  It’s a private group with questions that must be answered and rules that are set in place to keep all stitchers safe and happy. 

Please note, this is not a knitting/spinning group.  Hand stitching only 

Thank you for following along on this journey and the blog posts. 

Until next time… onward.

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