April 2023 Challenge!

The April 2023 challenge, running April 1 – 30, 2023, is self-monitored and pretty simple.

The challenge is for you to grab a spindle that you rarely use, or a spinning wheel, and this will be the only spinning tool you use for this challenge. Every day! 

Since this will be a dedicated project, continue on with your other makings/spinning with all the other spindles or wheels you have. 

Every day you just need to spin for 1 – 15 minutes on the tool you selected. That leaves you plenty of time for your other making bits.

Did I hear you ask “that’s it?” Well, yes, THAT.IS.IT, because you are going to use something you normally set aside as it’s not your usual go to.  Maybe it’s spindle spinning, or using a bottom whorl spindle or that sweet little wheel sitting over in the corner collecting dust, go brush it off and spend a wee bit of time with it.

Can you do it?  Just 1 – 15 minutes a day on this one dedicated tool?  I think you can, but only you will know if you succeed.

Spin on….

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