Flax to Linen Along 2023

Here are some great resources to learn more about growing flax to spin linen.


A wonderful book you can grab over on etsy:

Homegrown Linen: transforming flaxseed into fibre by Raven Ranson

Like most of you, I love to garden.

Mix gardening and spinning together and you will have linen.

This one is for @melanie_smith_yarnsnthreads as we are both planning to grow flax this year.

Join us, it will be a fun event if you only do it for the flowers or seeds.

March: prep the planting area. This plant thrives on nitrogen’s.

April: cast your seeds

May: get that weeding done

June: water, water, water. Also is a water loving plant.

July: weed and water.

August: watch for the stems to start to brown. When about 2/3 up, pull out of the ground, do not cut.

September: dry the stalks, then continue the standard making of flax into linen.

Check out the videos and the book links.

Chat soon…

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