Ahoy, matey!

It has taken me years to finally determine that I cannot be in two places at one time.  Who would have thought?

I am finding that if I have packages to post, it kills the dye studio time and puts everything out of sync.

With that said, a few weeks ago, I was determined to streamline the whole business process, and shipping was at the top of the list. 

I still pride myself on getting shipments out asap (or within the timeframe for pre-orders listed), though I was being a bit unreasonable to myself with jumping in the car when I had only a few packages.  Not that it was everyday, but it was becoming at least four times a week. 

The 1764 Shepherdess shipping days are now Monday and Thursday. As I use Pirate Ship, you get a nice little message from the system (saying it’s from me) letting you know your package is on it’s way and the tracking number. 

I felt this was something to share with you so you know how it all works when you order from The 1764 Shepherdess.

Now, back to spinning with ye, or ey’ be having you walk the plank.



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