#campspin15in22 Sponsor: Soundview Fiber Mill

With four fantastic sponsors/presenters this year for #campspin15in22, each week I have been sharing a bit about them with you.

Check out their websites for more information on the fibery goodness they provide in either product or services. 

Char Goodhue, Soundview Fiber Mill, is joining us this year as a sponsor and presenter for our virtual Zoom camp, sharing her love of wool and helping the community get their wool processed, fleece by fleece.

I fell in love with hand spinning in the early 2000’s. Starting with a drop spindle,  then moved onto a spinning wheel.  Wishing to understand wool processing from start to finish, I purchased a Romney lamb fleece.

Everyone seemed to believe that processing was an arduous task that would drive my interest back to the combed tops.

Instead, washing that first fleece was magical. The shear (pun) process of watching the fibers emerge as a glowing, beautiful fiber hooked me.  Hundreds (maybe thousands) of fleeces later, the magic still holds my interest. 

I now own & operate a small cottage industry fiber mill, Soundview Fiber Mill, that processes fleece by fleece for our local farmers.  My mill’s purpose is to help the rural small farms support themselves.  

Future growth is planned and new creative ideas are born. I am currently collaborating with other mills to better service our fiber community.  New surprises are coming!

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