#campspin15in22 Sponsor: Cooke Creek Sheep Company

With four fantastic sponsors/presenters this year for #campspin15in22, each week I have been/will be sharing a bit about them with you.

Check out their website for more information on the fibery goodness they provide in either product or services. 

Jami Beintema, Cooke Creek Sheep Company, is joining us this year as a sponsor and presenter for our virtual Zoom camp, sharing her love of wool and raising her Texel and Coopworth sheep.

Cooke Creek Sheep Company was established in 2002 as a husband-wife team effort. Over the years, my husband, Larry, and I introduced various sheep breeds in our Ellensburg pastures, but two became constants – Texel and Coopworth sheep. As we learned along the way, the wool became a large focus along with selling registered breeding stock and quality meat lambs. On the commercial wool market, both of these breeds are considered coarse wool and have low value. However, once we connected with the fiber art community, all of this changed. 

We will be talking about these two breeds during our time together at #campspin15in22.  I look forward to chatting about this with you! In the meantime, visit our “under construction” revamped website at cookecreeksheep.com.
Talk soon – Jami Beintema

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