2022 is just around the corner!

With 2022 just days away, plans, lists, ideas are flying around me faster than a shooting star!

Events planned and continuing for 2022:
* Club Spin 15
* #spin15bookclub
* #spin15murdermysteries
* #campspin15in22
* #spookyspin15in22
* #12spinsofChristmas

There is also Rhinebeck 2022 scheduled as well. I plan to be there, how about you?

The newest plan is The 1764 Fiber Mill – Small Batch Fiber Processing, that will be offered in 2022.  This mini mill will be offering fleece to roving services for those that have too many fleeces and need to get a few processed so they can just get to spinning. Stay tuned for more information as I pull it all together.

I am wishing you a wonderful, safe, fiber-y and happy New Year!

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