Old Dog – New Tricks!

Old dog – New Tricks!

Next to loving wool (and my family+Walter), I love to make, create and will dive in on a new project with eyes wide open!

I’ve made YouTube videos before, created an audio podcast for over six years, and I’m always doing something silly on Instagram.

While learning the ins and outs of creating a decent video (decent to me means it doesn’t shake, isn’t blurry, and has good music), I’ve been creating some short, #spin15adaytakeabreak videos.

The videos are made for you to really just listen to while you spin for a few minutes, get some time to breathe and relax, possibly even watch a bit of the videos to see what kind of crazy I’m up to.

These short videos are in-betweens for regular episodes I am planning to tackle and upload each week.

Here are the first two videos. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notification for future episodes and the take-a-break videos.

Until next time, spin on…

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