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Mission Statements: Boy, do they take some thought!

Here it is, a beautiful Friday in spring and almost lunchtime. I’ve been up since 4:27am. I’ve gotten loads done yet I have a mental list of so much more to do.  Time to start writing it down so I can feel like I have made progress.

One thing that I have been working on for the past few weeks, both in thought and in analog, is my mission statement. I think I have completed it to what I want it to represent. I can cross that off the to-do-list.

I had made a mission statement for #spin15aday . I felt like I should have a mission statement for my small business here in the Pacific Northwest. It would give meaning to my work and to why I do it. It also includes you, because without you, it’s just me and that is already happening here at the 1764 studio. Just me all day means I talk to myself or Walter through out the day. Walter doesn’t comment much.

I broke the mission statement down to what, why and who. It’s simple. It also blends well with #spin15aday as being your encourager, cheerleader, as well as council to tell you “there are NO spinning police”, as these are just some of the ingredients in the life with wool.

So here it is, The 1764 Shepherdess mission statement:

“Creating a life with wool for spinners, like you!”
~ The 1764 Shepherdess

As many of you know, my mind is constantly going and I think of things I try. If they work, great, if they don’t, we will just keep at it.  It was like a puzzle trying to get one sentence to say it all. Hopefully I’ve hit the mark.

Thank you for being part of this crazy wool ride in this very unsettling time in history. Spinning not only produces a valuable item, it gives peace of mind, zen and together we can be each other’s cheerleaders and council in the life with wool.

Until next time, stay safe and spin on…



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