2021 is beginning to look a lot like 2020…

Last year at St. Distaff’s Day, hosted by NwRSA at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Washington state, I purchased this 1920’s CPW wheel. Named Golder the CPW. That’s the beauty of spinning events, there always seems to be a used equipment sale.

It was my second time attending the event and hanging out with like-minded folks, spinning and chatting. Well worth the hour plus drive each way.

Today, as I was checking the dates for 2021 events, I noticed that St. Distaff’s Day 2021 (2nd Jan 2021) has been cancelled. This struck me as 2021 is beginning to look a lot like 2020.

Sad, though totally understandable. The infection numbers are going up, up, up and the chances of any large gatherings this winter are pretty slim-to-none.

What we do have are virtual events we can attend. There will probably be more fiber festivals online as well as small group zoom meetings for makers.

We have a standing weekly Zoom Maker’s Meetup every Friday night at 6pm Pacific, the meetup is scheduled until 8:30pm though we tend to run over. It has been going strong since March 24, 2020, just after the pandemic began.

If you would like to check it out, you can get the zoom meeting information here by adding it to your cart (no charge) and check out. You will then receive an email with the meeting id and passcode.

Hope to see you there!!!


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