Everything Shetland

I love everything Shetland.

The wool.

The place.

The show.

Shetland Wool Week.


<— Me knitting at Misa’s Shetland Wool Adventures space in Lerwick, August 2018. (Thanks to Marie for catching me in one of my happiest moments.)

Since Shetland Wool Week is canceled for in-person attendance, they brought it to us.

A big thank you to the folks behind the scenes that made that happen. 

While I am still standing strong on no Facebook for myself (I’m missing so much, I know), there is  YouTube.  

You can catch many SSW videos posted for free and I’ll be sharing the links as I come across them on my blog.

For now, grab a warm cup of something yummy, your spinning and watch Elizabeth Johnston teach us some tricks on mastering two color ribbing.  

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