#campspin15in20 Sheep to Sweater Competition Prizes

#campspin15in20 Sheep to Sweater competition is Saturday, August 1, 2020. Only open to camp participants who have purchased a camp pack.

Four categories:
•Spindle Spun
•Spinning Wheel
•People’s Choice

Participants, read the competition instructions sent to you electronically at the time of pack purchase or go to your account on the1764shepherdess.com website to download.

The prizes will be randomly selected for the category winners.

All participants have a chance to win the sunflower support spindle (see previous post showing the beauty) donated by @allenrberry . One name will be drawn on Sunday, August 2, 2020, during the zoom campfire meetup.

These four spindles shown on this post were purchased by me with the camp funds from the sale of the camp packs. I support @allenrberry work. I ask that when you are considering a new spindle, to please check out his work and support an independent artist.

One thought on “#campspin15in20 Sheep to Sweater Competition Prizes

  1. Wow! The spindles are very beautiful and the sunflower 🌻 just makes me happy. Thanks Sherrill!

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