The Pins, The Pins…


Both pins are now here and will be available November 1.

Are you ready to start the 12 days of Christmas Stashdown? Maybe you have a very deep stash to dive into during 2020.

Either way, the #spin15aday12days event will be 12 days of posting on IG, with 12 chances to have your name drawn for a 1764 studio dyed braid of fiber in festive holiday colors when you purchase the #spin15aday12days event pin.  Though, you can still participate at anytime during the event even if a pin is not purchased, though only spinners that have purchased a pin will be eligible for the fiber giftaways.

As for #spin15adaystashdown2020, that is one big year with 366 days (yep, it’s a leap year) to spin down the stash.  Impromptu giftaways will take place through out the year for all that join in and use the #spin15adaystashdown2020 hashtag.

So are you ready? I know I am!


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