Are you ready for 2020? We have big plans….


I know, I’m as bad as the fashion industry and the department stores, staying a season or two ahead of everything!

Yesterday I posted on Instagram what I’m hoping 2020 will look like, not only for me, but for all the fiber-stashing spinners out there!

We are going to embark on a seriously hearty stash down of gigantic proportions!

The all-mighty 2020 fiber stash down!

Hang on while I get my mega-phone to really shout that out!!!  STASHHHHH-DOWN!!!!!

#spin15aday spinners will be referring to this as: #spin15adaystashdown2020

Many are raising their hand and saying “I’m in.”

I should stand up and say:

“Hello, my name is Sherrill and I have an obsession with collecting fleeces at fiber functions.” 

I can’t tell you how many I truly have in my collection, not because I don’t want to, but because I really don’t know the number. That would waste a whole day of spinning if I had to go reorganize, count, tally, notate. Nah, I know I have more than my life expectancy at the pace I am spinning and will want to buy more in the future so I’ll have to drastically raise my spinning game to the next level!
This is NOT a fiber diet.  Jessica, @naturallyknitty , said I had her at “This is” and of course NOT a fiber diet followed! If you need to buy more fiber, go for it, just try to spin what you have as well! I can’t say I won’t be standing in line at the Shepherdess Extravaganza next April, but I sure want to knock out some of my wool stash into yarn before then!

What will this do for our upcoming 2020 #spin15adayevents?

There will still be a small event pin or button with an activity sheet available for each of the events. Anyone can spin during an event, though those that want to have a chance at having their name drawn as a participant will need to buy the event pin/button to help support the cost of the fiber prizes and shipping.  You’ll still be stashing down as you’ll use up your fiber for the event!

“Whoa, what about #campspin15, Sherrill?”

#campspin15 will remain the same!  There will be fiber, activity sheet, postings, scary stories and more as we kayak our way down a river in the PNW for #campspin15in20! This is one event that needs to stay strong and continue on as originally intended!

So, what does the #spin15adaystashdown2020 look like for our #spin15aday group on Instagram?

I put that question out to some of the spinners tonight on a live IG feed and they answered.

Here are some things that will help move us all along for #spin15adaystashdown2020:

First of each month, spinners will publicly state their goals for their stash down for that month.  During the month, spinners can post (use the hashtag so we can find you) their progress, the finished yarns, etc.  At the end of the month, they should post again to let us know if they hit their goal, went past it or maybe ended up a little short.  Life happens and so we might not make our goals.  Be realistic about it.  Better to under estimate than over, yes?

Also, we will come up with some monthly hashtags, so once we get into the year, posts from January don’t out rule June on IG when looking to see how our fellow spinners are doing.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Maegan, @knitmummy2creates , had a great suggestion of also including prepping your stash, especially folks with fleeces to wash, pick, comb or card.  It can be part of the goal. I know I will be using this! Prepping a fleece is as time consuming as spinning it! Though I enjoy the whole process.

If you are still with me after having read this far, what’s your game plan?

Are you in? Go raise your hand on Instagram on this post! It’s grand to see so many spinners really wanting to dive into their fiber stash!

Until next time, spin on…

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