Upcoming #spin15aday Events


Working on the list of #spin15aday events:

  • October 1-31, 2019 #spookyspin15in19
  • December 25, 2019 – January 5, 2020 #spin15aday12days
  • February 14 – 16, 2020 #spin15adaywoolewebeemine
  • April 3-5, 2020 #spin15adayspringfling
  • June 20, 2020 #spin15adaycamp (Graham, WA)
  • July 31 – August 2, 2020 #campspin15in20
  • All events are virtual on Instagram except for the June 20 #spin15adaycamp!
    There will be items available for each of the events as a la carte; moving back to the cute button pins for a better cost savings for participating spinners (the enamel pins are pretty expensive to order) and still offering up some dyed fiber braids in the event colorways I create.  Stashdown is still encouraged, hence why pins will be offered!
  • Stay tuned…

One response to “Upcoming #spin15aday Events”

  1. I think perhaps the October event first on the list is 2019?
    Can’t wait to participate! 😃💐

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