That was my train of thought last night as I plied up this grey dyed Romney that I plan to pair up with the The Mountains are Calling skein.

#spin15aday is about simple. It’s about small increments of time to enjoy the process of spinning while finding your zen and possibly, inner peace.

I love our #spin15adaytribe. Everyday I ask myself how can I make it better. I don’t know that I need to. What I need to ask myself is how do we keep it strong.

My answer: keeping it simple.

#campspin15in19 is less than two months away.

I’m also working on our upcoming events:





By keeping the plan simple, it’s a better way to be successful.

I enjoy planning the events around the themes, so keeping it simply to fiber with a few other small items makes it simple and manageable.

The key is the event activities and spinning of fiber as well as interacting with our fellow spinners, on Instagram and in person.

Hopefully you are still spinning along with #spin15aday , #spin15adaystashdown and/or #spin15adaywoolbreedstudy

Now, go about your day and simply remember to spin 15 minutes.

2 responses to “Simple.”

  1. Simple is good! Between starting the garden, I am trying to stay even with #spin15aday

  2. I love all these little ( ok–not so little on your side) events you do. I feel so blessed to have found your ” tribe” all though you really are the special drummer behind the magic. Thanks for all the time and love you put into it. I hope to be participating for a long time to come!

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