#spin15aday Newsletter – Posting Strategy

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Revising my strategy for the newsletter.

Well, I knew this would happen.  I even read about it as I was coming up with the layout and what to include knowing that one will want to start out the gate at a weekly rate and then realize it’s a bit too much, too soon.

I did start out as once a month and then I said I would give once a week a try. Once a week is just not going to be manageable.

So, I know I need to reign it in a bit and just try for once or twice a month as time seems to be my opponent at this stage.  It’s difficult to outmaneuver time.

Sadly, I never find enough time to get onto Ravelry for the #spin15aday group either.  I do apologize for not being as attentive to the group discussions.  Having multiple moderators has been helpful.

My main focus has been and will always be Instagram.  It’s the platform that has been very good for many of us.  It has shifted a bit over the past few years with more ads and interesting characters who follow your account.  Thankful for the “block” option when it feels a bit creepy!

So, with or without a weekly newsletter, keep spinning 15 minutes a day!

Look for the next newsletter on April 29!




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