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#spin15aday on Ravelry

“Sometimes time spent reinventing the wheel results in a revolutionary new rolling device. But sometimes it just amounts to time spent reinventing the wheel.”― Steve KrugDon’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

I have to say, I have learned a lot about website building this week.  Creating a resource for information for #spin15aday has been eye-opening. By taking a simple step back, I can see where my strengths and my lack of efficiency lie.

Creating a place to house the farm directory is a strength.  Gathering the information by myself, an inefficiency.  To change that inefficiency, I have enlisted help to collect emails of fiber farms across the states so I can send out the google form requesting permission to post information and a photo of the farm listing.  I figure folks would want to know their farm is being listed and it’s just good old-fashioned courtesy.

I had also created a forum on the website.  It took quite a bit of time to pull it all together and as I really looked at it I felt I was trying to reinvent the wheel.  I pulled it from the site.

Where does that leave us? Ravelry!  We all know that Ravelry is the next best thing to sliced bread for fiber folk. It’s one-stop shopping for patterns, ideas, yarn information and much, much more.

I created a #spin15aday group to be able to have more in-depth conversations outside of Instagram. A place to have general chatter about our daily lives, breed studies, tips and tricks and really just about anything else we would like to do.

Instagram has been and will always be the number one platform for #spin15aday.  Ravelry will just be the cool whip on the pound cake for us to hang out together.

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