Wool sparks my heart!


As a spinner, there is really no limitation to the craft or how far we can take it.

Everyone has an interest that seeks a spark within our hearts, wanting to gleam more and more of what gives us that feeling of “happy.”

For me, wool itself is the match, the discovery and learning of the different varieties, the spark.

Even in my not-buying it year, I chose to grab the Woolgatherings 30 Breed Fiber Sampler when I was at the Madrona Fiber Arts last weekend.

Madrona is a yearly four day knitting, fiber & spinning classes/guest speaker & dinner/vendors area event that I attend each year in Tacoma, WA. Some years I take classes, other years, I just get there really early to stake a table to meet up with all of my knitting/spinning mates for a day of chatting and knitting. A bit of stalking the woolly eye-candy of the most beautiful knitwear happens as well.

Back to the fiber breeds.

Each sample comes in a 1 oz. sample.  Some of the 30 breeds I have spun and other I have not.

I’m posting my sampler adventure on Instagram as well. You can follow me over there as well.  My user name is sherrill.loves.wool.

I’ll be posting my self-research about each breed here as well as IG.

Until then….




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