Frosted Window Panes

It was mentioned that we would have a warm winter.  I would have to disagree.  It’s been pretty cold, we’ve had some snow and the best way to combat that is with a big, thick, chunky & textured cowl.

Frosted Window Panes Kellie
Thanks to Kellie, my youngest, for modeling out in the snowfall for me.

Frosted Window Panes

Great for using up those thick hand spun yarns in the stash or pull together a few different yarns to get the WIP (wraps per inch) needed for the pattern.  The cowl has two sizes, approx. 27″ & 62″ W x 9″ H after blocking.

Frosted Window Panes is available on Ravelry for $2. Sales made from my patterns are used for supporting the #giftaways for the Instagram #spin15aday folks.  Postage is a bugger on the pocketbook and this was the best way to support the fun without soliciting vendors.

Until the next time…

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