History Makers: The Story of the Coast Salish Knitters

This past spring, I took a class at Tolt Yarn and Wool with Sylvia Olsen on making a Salish knitted cap.

The class was inspiring and just when you thought all knitting was the same, think again.  Knitting in the technique of the Salish knitters is unique and now one of my favorite ways of doing colorwork.

I was browsing YouTube for any Sheltand knitting videos I could find and this one came up.  It was meant for me to watch and to share with all of you spinners that may not have known about it.

Grab some tea, your wheel or some knitting for the next 52 minutes and enjoy this well made documentary.  If you can find the film at your local library or to purchase online, I well suggest you do so.

The Story of Coast Salish Knitters

Edited 09.10.15:  Please note after some discussion with a fellow knitter/spinner whom I admire her spirit and wisdom (and sweet voice), I have decided to remove the embedded video from my site.

This is a wonderful film that many of us want to shout from the roof tops, but if you read the blog post by Sylvia Olsen, you may begin to understand the hesitancy of how we can truly share this information.

I certainly do not want to impose on any intellectual property rights as the film director, Christine Welsh, has state about YouTube.

If I can find other avenues to this film, I will let you know.

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