#spin15in15 Spotlight Spinner: @theas_knitting

This week’s spotlight is on Thea, @theas_knitting:


Q. Favorite fiber to spin?

Thea: I’m kind of new to spinning. I started last September, so I haven’t tried that much yet. But so far my favorites are Malabrigo fiber and Vivid Yarn Studios fiber with a merino, nylon and stellina blend. 

Q. Do you prefer worsted or woolen methods of spinning? 

Thea: To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a difference! Haha! I don’t know the technical terms for any of what I’m doing, I just do it 😉 But I think it’s worsted. 

Q. Who or what inspires you?
Thea: I love all the colors with spinning! My knitting isn’t that colorful, but I love to spin with lots of different colors! I love seeing how it turns out! That’s the best part. And the person that inspires me the most when it comes to spinning, has to be @tanteull. She taught me how to spin and I constantly ask her for everything (both spinning- and knitting-related 😉 ). And her spinning is so thin and even and beautiful!

Q. Any future spinning goals?

Thea: To get better? Haha. As I said, I’m kind of new to this, so.. To learn more and get better.

Q. Do you knit, weave, or gift/sell your handspun?

Thea:I haven’t knitted anything of my handspun yet. But I gifted some. And I will knit from it in the future. There’s just so many other things to knit first. 

Q. What has Instagram done for you in spinning?
Thea: It’s great!! To see so much inspiration and so many talented people! To be able to share my hobby with other that do the same! It’s amazing! There are so many knitters, so you can allways find other people with the same passion, but theres not that many spinners, so I think it would be a little bit lonely being a spinner without Instagram. Do you know what I mean? 

Q. Without spinning, what might your other passions be? 

Thea: My biggest passion, by far, is knitting!! I knit a lot more than I spin, and it’s hard leaving the house without my knitting! 

 If you haven’t seen much of Thea’s work, go take a look on Instagram, @theas_knitting

I want to thank Thea for taking the time to answer these fiber-minded questions and for being part of the #spin15in15 movement on Instagram.

Until next time…

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