#spin15in15 Spotlight Spinner: @jennsheelen

This week’s spotlight is on Jennifer, @jennsheelen:
Q. Favorite fiber to spin?
Jennifer: I love spinning fussy fiber that’s soft, slippery, and needs a lot of twist.  A challenge!  These usually are merino blends like merino and cashmere, merino and baby camel, and baby camel and silk.  
Q. Do you prefer worsted or woolen methods of spinning? 
Jennifer: I think I actually do a blend.  I’ll admit, I had to look up the definition of both.  I’m only a tad embarrassed about that!  I knew there were two types but I didn’t know which was my technique.   A friend taught me how to spin and told me “let the fiber tell you what it wants.”  Between that and instinct I just let the fiber guide me and learn as I go.   
Q. Who or what inspires you?
Jennifer: Definitely my crafty community both near and online.  I have an amazing group of friends who I love to bounce ideas off of.  I also have to say my hubby.  He’s the one who really inspired me to get into gear and begin the process of starting a business out of my love (aka obsession) of knitting and spinning.  One day he just came out with a bunch of ideas for me as well as a logo!  That right there is love and inspiration.  
Q. Any future spinning goals?
Jennifer: I’d love to spin enough to make a sweater.  I have a sweater’s worth of fiber, I just haven’t committed to it yet.  Once I start spinning something, I like to finish it all in one go.  That’s a big commitment!  Especially when I have a huge container of all different types of fiber in all different colors.  
Q. Do you knit, weave, or gift/sell your handspun?
Jennifer: I love knitting with my handspun, it makes the project that much more gratifying.  I MADE the yarn and then knit a beautiful project from it.  I do love to gift my handspun and can’t wait to see what someone can create with it.  I’d like to either sell my handspun or use it as giveaways for my future business.  
Q. What has Instagram done for you in spinning?
Jennifer: Oh my goodness, it’s opened up a whole new world for me!  I’ve met so many people through Instagram and #spin15in15.  I love that I’ve met people all over the country, or world for that matter.  Participating in #spin15in15 has fueled my passion for spinning.  I’m a relatively “new” spinner (about two years) but I’ve produced more in the past two months since I’ve started posting to Instagram than in all the time beforehand.  I’m fascinated by the process and connecting with so many others who enjoy it as well is wonderful!  Sharing all of our projects and different ways of spinning is such an inspiration.  It’s so exciting to share my progress with everyone each day.  I’ve also figured out how to make better use of hashtags other than creating silly ones with friends!  
Q. Without spinning, what might your other passions be?
Jennifer: If I’m sitting, and not spinning, I’m most likely knitting.  I rarely go anywhere without it.  I’ve also discovered I really enjoy to write knitting patterns.  I love quality time with my hubby and our two dogs.  I’m a bit of a foodie and a big fan of craft beer, especially hoppy IPA’s!  I hope to start my knitting related business soon and turn a dream into reality.  I’ll get to be creative, share it with others, and do what I love!

If you haven’t seen much of Jennifer’s work, go take a look on Instagram,@jennsheelen

I want to thank Jennifer for taking the time to answer these fiber-minded questions and for being part of the #spin15in15 movement on Instagram.

Until next time…

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