#spin15in15 Spotlight Spinner: anne.choi

Yesterday, I had a brilliant idea.  I shared it with a few of my Instagram spinning mates and they were all for it.

Starting today, I will post weekly about a spotlight spinner from the #spin15in15 group on Instagram.  I have 5-7 questions for them to answer and share with you.  I’ll post a brief bit on Instagram and then direct the folks over here for the full-blown version.


Today’s Spotlight Spinner is @anne.choi

Q. Favorite fiber to spin?  Anne: Cormo, Rambouillet, Polwarth, Babydoll Southdown, Silk, Kid Mohair, Cashmere, Camel, & Yak (I know you asked for my favorite, but come on, that’s like asking for a favorite shoe: depends on the occasion, right?)

Q. Do you prefer worsted or woolen methods of spinning? Anne: Modified Woolen

Q. Who or what inspires you? Anne: Cooking up ideas and bouncing them off my real-life and virtual fiber community.

Q. Any future spinning goals? Anne: I am currently working on putting together kits with a pattern and handspun yarn, which means dying and spinning about 50 oz. of one consistent colorway and thickness.

Q. Do you knit, weave, or gift/sell your handspun?  Anne:  I am a haphazard knitter, and doing my best to resist the siren call of a Saori loom. I find it easier to gift the things that I make than to sell them, but I sell too.

Q. What has Instagram done for you in spinning? Anne: IG (mostly the hashtag #spin15in15) has opened the door to the incredibly diverse spinning community.  I went from being a social media hermit to become a brazen fiber exhibitionist and voyeur.

Q. Without spinning, what might your other passions be?  Anne: Before being a fiber enthusiast, I was an avid gardener and cook.  I need to create things the way other people feel compelled to clean things.

If you haven’t seen much of Anne’s work, go take a look on Instagram, @anne.choi

I want to thank Anne for taking the time to answer these fiber-minded questions and for being part of the #spin15in15 movement on Instagram.

Spin on!


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  1. I love these profiles! Too funny about the “siren call” of weaving. I enquired about a used rigid heddle loom the other day. Someone else had nabbed it, which was probably for the best!

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