Spinning: Making pretties for yourself!


I have been spending a lot of time on Instragram with all the terrific fiber folks over there.  For the #spin15in15 challenge to the world, I have also been on my own personal year of #spindown2015.

Back in 2013, when I was over on twitter (FYI: I have since deleted my account) I was working on a goal of #spindown13.  My abundance of fiber stash was feeling a bit beyond my spinning life expectancy.  Between that time and the end of 2014, I had picked up several more fleeces and small quantities of roving.  It felt even more out of control.

I am not a one project woman, though there are times I wish I were.

Recently, at a meetup with @mylovelylins at The Artful Ewe in Port Gamble, WA, we were chatting away about something to do with spinning and Heidi stated that everything has an end.  Shearers only sheer the wool, they don’t also spin, weave and knit with it.  That is their end, removing the wool.  Spinners can have an end as well, spin the yarn, done!

That gave me food for thought as I use to always want to have a project to spin for, taking it from start to end.  That’s a great way to approach things, but when you have fiber that weighs in almost as much your do, then it’s time to look at the process at a higher level.

I had my son draw up a lovely sheep with a scarf and had it handmade by Stamp Studio to use for a multiple of purposes, such as the yarn labels for my handspun.  It makes everything feel so organized and pretty.

So, 2015 is about spinning down all of my misc rovings, get started on my fleeces, wash, tag, and place on the shelf to look pretty.  I can figure out what to use it for later or maybe even gift some of it away.  That seems like a good end!


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