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Spinning: #spin15in15

2015 is fast approaching and I think we need to get the world spinning wool. Some of you may remember the 1971  Coca-Cola commercial that “wanted to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” Well, why not teach the world to spin in perfect harmony?

I have gathered the interest of other instragram spinners, not only by giving them a challenge of spinning 15 minutes a day in 2015, but to post about it as well.

As a little enticement, I made up some yarn tags that I will gift (in a set of 5-8 tags) each week to those that join in on the fun by posting pictures and tagging it with #spin15in15 .  Time zone, country, wheel, or spindle, it doesn’t matter where or how, only that we did it.  Teaching someone to spin in 2015 would make it even better.

Here are some of the tags I have made for our instagram spinning event.  The bottom left corner of the photo, you can see what the back of each tag has printed on it.  Spin up some yarn, receive some tags, and when that yarn is plied, you can put a pretty on it.

What do you need to do to get some of those tags?

Follow the first two steps listed below using instagram and you are good to go.

IMG_3592On instagram, look for #spin15in15 and get spinning!

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