Tools of the Trade: The Traveling Spinner’s Tools

Traveling Tools for a spinner

Tonight I gathered a few small tools for the upcoming knitting retreat up in Port Townsend, WA.  This will be my 17th year attending, even though I complain about the old metal spring cot I sleep on each year that sinks down in the middle or how salty the food is, I really do have a great time and look forward to it each and every year!

I decided my mini-combs may be too dangerous for such a trip and felt my flicker would be safer for all.  The little 26″ kniddy knoddy comes apart and travels quite nicely.  Of course, my sweet, adorable, and pretty little Jenkin’s Delight Turkish spindle will be tagging along.  I may take a second Turk spindle, my Jenkin’s Lark for plying. Oh yeah, and some wool.

I think I will pack up 25 g of the different colors of Shetland I have been dying this past week to take along. Small, quick projects I can do when I need to take a rest from knitting.

What’s the end goal:   a multiple of 2-ply yarn for fair isle knits, of course.  Such as this:

Shetland Fingering 38 yards 2-ply

38 yards, 2-ply fingering weight Shetland, dyed Olive.  I processed it, start to finish. You can even count picking it off the sheep when I was at Ananda Hills Farm helping skirt on shearing day a few years ago.

I’ll have some more great colors spun up soon.

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